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  • PC base CMS Server
  • Linux Ubuntu 64bit OS
  • Full HD 1920x1080p 32CH Monitoring simultaneously
  • Dual monitor (HDMI, Display Port)
  • Max. 32,768ea IP Camera connection (256 NVRs x 128ch)
  • VNC connection for remote configuration
  • Event-driven Live / Popup monitoring support
  • NVR Real Time Health Check
  • Remote Search / Remote Backup (Manual, Schedule)
  • Event-based Job(Action) programming support
  • Broadcasting Warning Sound (and Voice) to Multi cameras(locations) by pre-defined Job or manually
  • Change single / multiple IP camera configuration on CMS via NVR
  • E-map function (Location, Video, Alarm and etc.) function
  • PTZ control support
  • Resource (Network Bandwidth, CPU) control by multi-streaming function
  • Pop-up Live viewer and Alarm/Voice response by events